Adam Book


- PhD Candidate in Consumer & Design Sciences
- MS, Human Factors
6 yrs Int'l Experience
PhD Candidate in Consumer & Design Sciences

MBA   |   MSc, Human Factors

6 years International Experience

My aim is to improve quality of life by studying how others live, involving users in research, and testing new designs in the field. Specifically, I research how design influences user perception and decision making within the fields of human health and transportation.

I am completing a PhD in Consumer and Design Sciences at Auburn. My research is rooted in aesthetic theory and centers on consumer perspectives relating to automotive design.

I am an active proponent of consumer collaboration throughout product design and development. This supports relevant solutions and also generates new insights for further improvement.

International environments have become a natural part of my life. I’ve lived in Taiwan for 6 years and have engaged in research & product management across four continents.

On the design side, I’ve partnered with organizations to shape their brand identities for maximum relevance. Leveraging quick sketching/mapping abilities, I help clients and coworkers spark life into their ideas.

Favorite Reads

  • Factfulness, Rosling – Perspective is a powerful thing. In many ways, our societal issues have improved. Hans offers a refreshing view of our recent past.
  • The Undoing Project, Lewis – The beginning is painfully slow, but the second half packs a punch. It is filled with enlightening observations within decision making and behavioral economics.
  • The Healing of America, T.R. Reid – One man’s experiences with healthcare systems around the world. This is a must read for anyone willing to seriously consider the current state of US healthcare and what effective health systems can look like.
  • Late Bloomers, Karlgaard – Read this no matter where you are in life. It has become one of my all-time favorites.


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Attitude: Curious, Optimistic, Sincere
Food: Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings)
Sport: Scuba diving